What’s next
in corporate fleet management?

The world is changing fast – and so is the increased importance of sustainable fleet solutions. With increasing strict new emissions regulations coming into force, we see a range of rapid changes that will impact the way you approach your fleet management.

At the same time, we know that improving your sustainability is not simply a matter of leasing new electric vehicles: our experience has shown that it is about enabling a step-by-step transformation with end-to-end solutions that benefit the drivers, the fleet manager and your bottom line.

Drawing on over 50 years of international and local fleet management expertise, we’re committed to developing, enabling and accelerating what’s next in automotive – including lower emissions – so you can focus on what’s next for your organisation.

What’s next? Our 360 Formula for smarter fleet management

With our 360 Formula, we can help you lower your total cost of ownership, improve your employees’ satisfaction and safety – and lower the emissions from your fleet.

Our package of solutions includes proactive driver services, fleet management support and reporting, the latest telematics technologies, integrated safety applications, as well as the full range of low-emission vehicles. Let’s meet to discuss how we can keep your fleet management ready for what’s next.

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Curious to know more about our unique 360 Formula? Then watch this tutorial to see how our fleet consultants can achieve what’s next for your business.

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